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Chef’s table

The chef’s table is a unique experience. The table seats up to four diners for a “ring side” view of Steve and his team at work. Before your visit, Claire Love will discuss your food interests and any special requirements and from this, create a special tasting menu.

Not quite on the hot plate, but set slightly aside, the chef's table gives every sense a thrill, the sights and sounds of a top kitchen mix with the aromas of each element of the dishes as they are prepared, followed, of course, by the taste as the plated dish brought to you. The team will explain each course, the provenance of the ingredients and some of the techniques used in its creation. Claire will be on hand with wine choices to complement and harmonise.

The chef’s table is an unforgettable event for anyone with a passion for creative cuisine. Steve, Claire and the kitchen team are always delighted when the chef’s table has guests for diner!

All enquiries to dine at the chefs table can be made by calling us on 0121 454 5151 or emailing us on . All guests on this table dine from the tasting menu and is priced at £85 per person.