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A unique dining experience in the heart of Birmingham.

Autumn at Loves Restaurant

As we say goodbye to the briefest of glorious English Summers, there is still so much to look forward to. All manner of wonderful squash start to ripen, we embrace other root vegetables like onions and potatoes. Meats start to get fuller in flavour with the introduction Herefordshire Beef alongside suppliers from Warwickshire as the Game season starts, using local rabbit, pigeon and venison. And dark red and black fruits start to appear, alongside some of the very best varieties of apples. We are very lucky that so many of our amazing suppliers can be found within 50 miles of the restaurant.

Our menus are designed to entice and enthrall the senses and enhance your overall experience with us. We offer a choice of either our 5 course or 8 course tasting menus for dinner services. During each lunch service, we also offer our choice lunch menus.

Opening hours

Monday & Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday and Thursday - 7-9pm for dinner service
Friday and Saturday - 12-1.45pm for lunch, 6-9.30pm for dinner service
Sunday - last Sunday of each month for lunch 12-2pm

Thank you.
Claire Love

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