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Hand-picked by Claire Love.

Every one of the many wines that feature on our list are hand picked by Claire and her team. We use many different suppliers from all over the country and will often buy direct to get the best possible wines. Claire has even been known to drive to the vineyards to secure her tiny allocations each year.

We feature wines from all over the world and the wine list has a focus of small, boutique producers and family run operations. You may not of heard of some of the wines, but we are always really pleased to talk to you about why we are excited about them and why we chose to put them on the list. We have just introduced another 2 English vineyards onto our English page now totaling 6 English and Welsh vineyards. English wines is an area Claire is hoping to specialise in and is very loyal to their wines.

The wines available by the glass are on the website to give you an idea of what we offer at the restaurant. We always offer tasting wines to match with our tasting menu, and our current selection is also available here.

Wine Lists

Our Wine list is very important to us, we search all year for that next great wine to feature on our list. Our wines are chosen because each one represents for us the best example of its type and style that we can currently offer. We like to describe our wine list as a “work in progress’ although I am not sure if there will ever be an end point. Which does mean that it changes all the time as new vintages come in. Below are our current wines available by the glass, and our monthly recommendations to whet your palate. We don’t publish our wine list on the website as it does constantly change, but would happily email our most up to date copy should you wish. Please request a copy by emailing .

Claire Love